Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fold your socks, ok?

I am sure the world does not need yet. another. take. on the this book sweeping the nation/s, but as a newly turned Konvert I can't help but do a little gushing, as you might expect from anyone who has recently joined a borderline cult*.  I don't even bundle my socks anymore, it's all about folding them gently so they have a chance to rest (I wish I was joking).

Following Marie Kondo's method falls into two parts - firstly discarding, and then once you've completed that you can begin re-ordering; I am almost through the first part, but have cheated and simultaneously started with some of the second.  There are enough reviews and synopses out there to give you an idea of what she's is all about (or the book itself is a very quick read) hence I thought I'd stick to sharing one particular highlight I enjoyed from adopting her methods:

Hang clothes on a hanger, if they look happier that way, and then arrange them from dark to light because “clothes, like people, can relax more freely when in the company of others who are very similar in type, and therefore organizing them by category helps them feel more comfortable and secure.”

The 'before' picture.  If you only do one thing for your wardrobe this year...
...seriously just go, now (and I really do mean right now) and buy yourself a set of matching hangers, purge and then re-hang all of your clothes in this way.  These were seriously the best $25 I have spent this year!
Be sure to purge your clothes beforehand, according to her methods - holding each item in hand and throwing out anything that does not bring you joy and "does not fall into one of three categories: currently in use, needed for a limited period of time, or must be kept indefinitely."

Ouffff - breathe it all out as you cut the fat!  Your wardrobe will feel lighter and you will too.

*A quick reminder: I have also been known to SoulCycle and CrossFit, so I am very susceptible to borderline cults in general.  Also, it should be known that I do live in a tiny studio apartment by myself; if I lived with company or moreover had bebes... well, I'll just have to report back on how that goes :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Oh hey, Asunción

Exploring this ol' town for a spell, some snaps from the hood:
Corner store - these are everywhere!  The fresh herbs are for making tereré, and the esky is for housing the ice cream, sandwiches and other treats they sell.
Wait, did you think that just because I'm in another country I would stop taking photos of bourgenvillas?  Of course not.  I passed this rogue, overflowing bundle on the way to lunch the other day.
Piles of fresh bread in the morning sun.  These self-serve bakeries typically have a minimum purchase weight for their breads which, as you can imagine, is both a blessing and a curse for a #yestocarbs lover like me. 
We found this little guy at the farm - not pictured are his five brothers and sisters who were all piled up on top of each other under a pile of timber.  It was like my baby animal Pinterest page IRL!
Even ambulances need their chipa.  Dangerously they are deliciously filled with cheese, and some of the best places have these chipa ladies working for them who will hustle up to your car and deliver them to you hot.
More later on some things I'm working on, but who doesn't like photos of puppies and carbs in the meantime?!  Overandout internet friends  x

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Moral Bucket List

This at Buttermilk Channel was the perfect bookend to a wonderful week in that great city.
When you are at brunch with a good friend and they are so struck by an article that they urge you to read it immediately after you decide on the short rib hash, you should listen to her.  I know I'm not sitting across from you in the Brooklyn sun right now, but do go and let the words from The Moral Bucket List by David Brooks speak to you.  It is full of truths that will linger with you after reading:

"As Paul Tillich put it, suffering introduces you to yourself and reminds you that you are not the person you thought you were."

How I shivered with recognition at that.  Go now, and read more about the people we want to be.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A return to things

A couple of Fridays ago I finally got my butt into gear and signed up for a life drawing class with a couple of girlfriends - and by 'class' I mean we just dropped into a room where a model turns up at some point and you're left to your own devices.  It was a typical life drawing class - we started with a series of short poses to warm up, and then moved to sketching poses over increasing lengths of time.
Here are a couple of pieces that reminded me of just how much I both had and hadn't forgotten:
From one of the short 60 second poses at the beginning.
A couple of the longer poses - charcoal and yellow you say?  It's like every uni assignment I ever did all over again haha (private joke between me and yes, well, actually only I will get that).
I was never really big into figure drawing, but there was something deeply enjoyable about sitting and concentrating on this single craft for a couple of hours.  I was reminded of how much I enjoyed my after-school art classes, far more than piano or violin (probably because I never practiced but that's a different story) *pushes up nerd glasses*.  It's nice to return to something and discover that it still gives you the same pleasure, even if you didn't remember that it did.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bom dia!

Well, there went February.  
My birthday month also brought a surprise trip to Brazil, which is partly what has kept me out of this internet corner.  The other distracting factors were part work, pretending to go to the gym and general pontificating about my plans for 2015 without actually doing anything about it.  Case in point: one of my vague goals was to spend more time on here.
But, onto Brazil - each of the eleven days I spent there I felt like I was living in a Coke commercial, gorgeous people watching, easy open air bars - and oh the beaches!  Not since Sydney have I been so impressed stretches of golden sand and the clearest water.  We were lucky enough to visit the urban beach shores of Rio (sadly it was raining the day we went to Ipanema, so I could not recreate being the girl from my favourite song - that would have made for some great hashtags on insta) before flying down south to the quieter spots on Florianopolis and around the South.  It must be known that the latter cities are filled with the most beautiful people you will ever see in one place on this planet.  Their skin!  Their glossy hair!  The way they make me think an ankle tattoo is a good idea but really I just want their tanned slender ankles!
Anyway, now I will get to the pictures which of course must begin with the food (and I wonder why I don't have ankles like Alessandra Ambrosio)...
A pastel and my most favourite snack of all: bolinho de bacalhau!  These were little deep fried fish and potato gems of goodness that I could not get enough of.  Serve hot in an open air bar that spills out into the streets with cheap local beer that you don't even notice how bad it tastes because hey, Rio.
From the top of Sugarloaf Mountain - the stuff of postcards!  Not pictured: how much I nearly died of heatstroke that day.
Ah Brazil - where the all the snacks and the bar comes to you!  The days started to blend together at this stage, but I think this is somewhere down South.  Freshly grilled cheese on a stick was purchased shortly after this picture was taken.
There are far more glamorous food shots I could have included here, but this was one of my favourite meals - all the breads!  That big puffy semi circle was a type of tapioca bread that was sort of gummy and delicious, and those four happy little balls were my beloved cheese breads.
You know I had to do it.  What did I tell you about the Coke commercial feeling?  Ahh take me back!
Obrigado por tudo, Brasil!  My tan has faded almost completely now, but even after the few days we had, you forever have a special place in my heart.  That place is called 'countries I am already scheming about revisiting because I've only just scratched the surface and I want mangos right now'.